Villa Sophia

Via Cantonale 48

CH-6576 Gerra

Arrival by public transport

Bus stops nearby:
Gerra Paese (260 m)
Gerra Stazione (170 m)
Gerra Bagno (160 m)

Train station nearby:
Gerra Stazione (170 m)

Ship dock:
Magadino Debarcado (6,5 km)

Approach by car

Freeway exit Bellinzona South, direction Locarno. At the big traffic circle near Quartino, get into the lane for Gambarogno-Dirinella-Luino.
Take the eastern shore road of Lake Maggiore to Gerra.


The location under the street in conjunction with the historic village structure does not allow for dedicated parking. But in the immediate vicinity are public parking spaces, for check-in free of charge but limited in time (4 hours), for permanent parking best with